~ You must link your purchase back to Kreated4U (http://www.Kreated4U.com)
You may link the graphic or put an active text link with the graphic. But you must link the graphic wherever you use it

~Graphics may not be made into tubes, brushes, fonts, filters or anything else without permission.

~ You may not alter graphics in any way.

~ Do not take any part of the K4U layout.

~ The no right click and the disable image toolbar script must be on all your site pages using our graphics.

~ Payments are made through Paypal only.

~ You may not use any of the graphics on sites that promote racism, hate, bigotry, violence, abuse or pornography.

~ The sale of all graphics are final, with no exceptions.

~ No refunds will be given.

Tube Terms
~Tubes will come in psp and psd format.

~You can sell graphics made with my tubes , or use them for personal use.

~If my tubes say end use only, they may not be added to your members area as is.

~My tubes may not be used to make any “as is” graphics offered on your site or in your members area.

~Tubes can be recolored to match your design, but not altered in any other way.

~You may not use clothes, hair, or accessories etc from my tubes to edit someone else’s tubes. You May mix and match any of
my completely edited doll or prop tubes with others.

~You cannot make outlines from my tubes.

~You cannot share the tubes.

~You must display the tube license graphic or a text link credit back to kreated4u on the page Kreated4u tubes are displayed .

~I reserve the right to request access to any password protected area using my tubes if I feel my terms are not being followed.